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Top Ten Tips Spring Cleaning

1) Don't allow yourself to get distracted, turn the TV and phone off and devote the time to get it done.

2) Sort through winter clothes and discard or donate what you don't need. Store clothes in canvas or plastic boxes to keep things in order.

3) Clean windowsills and panes; install screens for airflow and to keep bugs out. Clean drapes with a vacuum or if they have heavy dirt take them to the cleaners, check labels before washing.

4) Inspect outdoor furniture for rust or breakage. Clean with soap and water and a cotton cloth. Check that pillows are free from bugs and cobwebs.

5) Over the winter dust may have settled on upholstered furniture. Vacuum the entire piece including under the pillows and the floor underneath it.

6) Take area rugs outdoors for a good shake. For wall to wall carpet consider getting them professionally cleaned.

7) Hardwood floors take a beating during the winter with snow, salt and trapped dust in the air, and need a good cleaning. When using certain cleaners remember to keep the room ventilated. There are a number of non-toxic "Green" cleaners that are safe and just as effective.

8) The top of ceiling fan collects a lot of dust over the winter. Clean the top of the blades well and remember to flip the switch so the blades rotate in the proper direction for maximum cool airflow.

9) Inspect all garden tools and replace old or broken ones. Now is the time to organize them all in one place with a caddy and hooks.

10) Place a garbage bag in each room and by the end of the day fill each one with clutter that has accumulated over the past few months. This is the best way to start spring off right.